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Atomic Vaudeville

I got to work with the incredible talents at Atomic Vaudeville from about 2004 onwards.  Very creative 'cabaret style' shows based out of Victoria.  Each show would be written from the ground up, with a theme and some incredible local talent.  These are some songs that I wrote for the different shows.  Most songs inspired by ideas from the brilliant Jacob Richmond or Alex Wlasenko.  An incredible process for me..."Hey Brooke, here's an idea...we need a song for Tuesday.  It's Sunday...Go!"

The cabarets continue with a new bundle of talent.  Check their website, here.

The Cursed Cabaret of Kelowna Day Taylor

The Cursed Cabaret...

A fun project, performed at the Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria.  Written by Karen Lee Pickett and produced by Ian Case's wonderful Giggling Iguana theatre company. 


Lyrics by Karen Lee Picket and Brooke Maxwell

Music by Brooke Maxwell

Trash dance


This was a fun piece that I got to write with my partner, Jessica Hickman, for the Belfry Theatre's Spark Festival.  We took inspiration from the first thing we saw, which happened to be a garbage can....  I wrote music/lyrics and she did the choreo.  It was a great experiment, to create!  We also got to work with the amazing dancing raccoon, Rebecca Horvey.