© 2017 by brooke maxwell


pagliacci's  (click for calendar)

  canoe standers - every 2nd Monday

  maxwell/smith/frye - every 2nd Tuesday

    incredible food, music 8-10pm sunday-wednesday,

    featuring some of the best musicians in town.


esquimalt united  - every sunday morning

    rockin' the piano for the choir and the service.

    open choir starts at 9:45, service at 10:30

    great folks, everyone welcome!

the spiral cafe

  completely random times

  super nice people, local funky coffee shop with REAL piano.



  sometimes subbing in on a friday morning, playing piano with Avram, Joey    and Don, playing for some of the coolest folks I know.

the neighbourhood hootenanny time machine 

  all-ages community dance party, typically on Sundays, check the link!

  live bands, sock hop style, random dance lessons

  everyone welcome!

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