the neighbourhood hootenanny time machine

The Neighbourhood Hootenanny Time Machine, in short, is an all-age dance party of awesome.


In was started by Brooke Maxwell in 2016, it was originally a community building project encouraged/supported by the outreach team at Esquimalt United. Inspired by neighbourhoods, hootenannies and time machines, the goal has been  to bring together local professional musicians [and sometimes dancers] with the people in their neighbourhood, for an old skool dance party fun thing!  And it's working!

WHY?  I think I really wanted kids [and adults] to see real people playing instruments. Up close. Not on a screen. And to realize that they can do that too. Why would you want to study a musical you can be famous on TV? NO! [Well, maybe...] BUT so you can share music with friends old and new! That's the point of it all! In government/grant writing speak, ahem, “to build culture, community and connection.”

WHERE?  Usually at the Rainbow Kitchen hall in Esquimalt, [but we've traveled to the Belfry in Fernwood too! There have been thoughts to hook up with Rec. Centres and visit different communities? Anyone have any leads/connections?]

WHEN?  Typically, [so far] for about 7-8 weeks in January & February. In 2016, we tried to keep it going, but there weren't enough people coming it died a natural death. Folks are busy, the sun comes out, so many things to compete with...  But in 2017, it was bustling...?

WHO?  EVERYONE is welcome! And the bands have been a wonderful eclectic mix of my incredibly talented music friends in Victoria, including: Matthew Pease, Chris Frye, Avram Devon McCagherty, Caleb Kennedy, Ross Macdonald, Ryan Oliver, Kelby MacNayr, Joey Smith, Peter Dowse, Al Pease, Calvin Cairns. We've also had some dance instruction from the incredible Jess Ica Hick Man. And Kevin Savage has taught us some moves too. Not to mention some of the administrative help under Leanne J Benoit's leadership!

HOW?  The location [Wheeley Hall] has been donated for our use. Volunteers work the door and concession. Brooke does lots of organizing, booking the band members, updating facebook events, making hand bills, putting up posters etc.

Check out the facebook group at: The Neighbourhood Hootenanny Time Machine

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