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Ride the Cyclone is the hit off-beat, off-Broadway musical, originally created in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell and originally produced by the incredible team at Atomic Vaudeville.  With the teams at Hotfeat & Alchemation in  October 2015, it had its American debut at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, made its way to off-Broadway NY in 2016, and began journey to become a part of the musical theatre canon...  The album was released in 2021.

Licensing is handled through Broadway Licensing.


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“ unceasingly delightful new, music and lyrics by Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell (straight A’s across the board)...”

“...exquisite score...a little musical that seems awfully likely to make a major impact.”

The Album





The album was lovingly created during the COVID pandemic in the summer of 2020 by an amazing team of people.

It is distributed through Ghostlight Records.



Lillian Castillo – Constance Blackwood

Chaz Duffy – Mischa Bachinski

Scott Redmond – Ricky Potts

Jacob Richmond - Karnak

Emily Rohm – Jane Doe

Tiffany Tatreau – Ocean O'Connell Rosenburg

Kholby Wardell – Noel Gruber

Brooke Maxwell – Lead Vocal on Be Safe, Be Good & A World Inside

Album Producer: Brooke Maxwell

Album Co-Producers: Joby Baker, Kevin McCollum & Morris Berchard

Album Executive Producer(s): Kevin McCollum & Morris Berchard  

Mixed by Joby Baker & Brooke Maxwell

Mastered by Joby Baker

Recorded at Baker Studios, Victoria BC Canada

Recording dates: July 5-24, 2020


Recorded by Joby Baker, except where otherwise noted

[ie. remote recordings of leads, see below under Additional Recordings]

Pro Tools Engineer: Joby Baker


Music Coordinator: Brooke Maxwell


Music by Brooke Maxwell & Jacob Richmond.

Lyrics by Brooke Maxwell & Jacob Richmond.

Book by Jacob Richmond & Brooke Maxwell.


Music Director and Conductor: Brooke Maxwell



Joby Baker – Drums, Percussion, B3 Organ

Eli Bender – Cello

Adam Dobres – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele

Adrian Dolan – Accordion, Viola, Violin

Peter Dowse – Electric Bass

Jake Helm – Electric Guitar

Nick La Riviere – Trombones

Avram Devon McCagherty – Acoustic Guitar 

Kelby MacNayr – Drums 

Brooke Maxwell – Piano, Keyboards, Saxophones, Clarinet,

Bass Clarinet, Recorder, Penny Whistle, Acoustic & Electric Guitar,

Percussion, Programming, Sound Design

Joey Smith – Acoustic Bass


Orchestrations by: Brooke Maxwell

Additional Recordings 

Jake Helm (GLO Chicago) – Chicago engineer for Emily Rohm & Lillian Castillo 

Tyler Hayden (Rocky Mountain Recorders ) – Denver engineer for Tiffany Tatreau 

Josh Liebman (Liebman Sound ) – NY engineer for Scott Redmond

Dan Rudin (Dan Rudin R&P) – Nashville engineer for Chaz Duffy


Other Jobs

Lucinda Goldberg - Project Manager (Toronto)

Jessica Hickman - Project Manager (Victoria)


Special thanks to Rick Boynton, Alan Schmuckler, Doug Peck, the Chicago

Shakespeare Theatre, Atomic Vaudeville and our fabulous and supportive

producers: Kevin McCollum, Morris Berchard and Antonio Mata.


And to all the other artists who have left their musical mark on this crazy ride...

Rielle Braid, Sebastian Britneff, Matt Coulson, Karl Hamilton. Kelly Hudson,

Almeera Jiwa, Tim Johnston, Elliot Loran, Kiaran McMillan, Jameson Parker,

Sarah Jane Pelzer, Hank Pine, Zach Santella, Britt Small, Celine Stubel, Treena

Stubel, Andrew Taylor, Carey Wass and Alex Wlasenko.


We'd like to dedicate this album to Rachel Rockwell


Supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia


All Songs Music and Lyrics © 2020 by Brooke Maxwell & Jacob Richmond (SOCAN/BMI)

Made in Canada

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